MAGIC 3 Compact reducer with integrated filter
MAGIC 3 Compact reducer with integrated filter
MAGIC 3 Compact reducer with integrated filter

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HL propan introducing the newest generation of the popular MAGIC 3 reducer. This version comes with an integrated gas phase filter that serves to filter impurities in the pressure regulator, thus dramatically increasing the service life of the product.

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Product Description

  • For engines up to 350HP (Power up to 500HP)
  • Preset pressure 0.8 - 1.4 bar
  • Integrated gas phase filter with replaceable insert, no additional filter required
  • MAGIC 3 Compact reducer with gas phase filter
  • Eliminates the most common failure of clogging the piston with asphalt dirt
  • Increased product life, with regular maintenance
  • Simplify filter maintenance
  • An inspection kit for quick filter cartridge replacement is also available
  • On the youtube channel HL propan you will find an instructional video on how to quickly and efficiently replace the filter cartridge



  • gas outlet for reducer MAGIC 3 (d.12.5) (code 0943/1)
  • gas outlet for reducer MAGIC 3 (d.14) (code 0930/1)
  • reducer Magic 3 90° water inlet (code 1252)
  • water inlet for reducer MAGIC 3 straight (d.16) (code 0646)
  • NTC sensor for gas outlet RM3 (code 00010)
  • plug for reducer MAGIC 3 / injector rail (code 0245)


Technical parameters:

  • Dimension: 146mm
  • Weight: 0,89kg
  • Input: for hose 6mm
  • Outlet: up to 5x for hose 12mm
  • Vacuum outlet: for hose 6mm
  • Homologation: E8 67R02/00*1 1 748*00


How to replace the filter insert in the reducer