MAGIC FX injector
MAGIC FX injector
MAGIC FX injector

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The design of the injector is focused on higher speed, higher dose accuracy and minimal installation size compared to JET injectors. Rubber parts that have a negative effect on dose accuracy are minimized. Due to their minimal size and weight, it is not necessary to attach the individual injectors different way than to the supply hoses. The injectors allow accurate operation even at very low temperatures but are less resistant to oil and asphalt impurities in the gas, that’s why inserts used in filters need to be replaced regularly. The possibility to calibrate the dose by replacing the outlet inserts in the nozzle is maintained. The maximum spreading rate (without calibration nozzles) is reduced by about 6% compared to the JET injector due to the speed requirement. The injectors’ rail consists of 3 or 4 injectors fitted into the central supply rail. The rail can be fitted with an NTC sensor.

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Product Description

  • 3 or 4 cylindrical rail in a sale
  • for every LPG system
  • (after keeping all electrical attributes, see datasheet)
  • high reliability and durability
  • mechanical resistance, functional design
  • replaceable calibration nozzles from 1.5mm - 3.2mm see performance table
  • (standard package 2,2mm)
  • fast opening / closing time: 1.6ms / 0.5ms
  • working pressure 0.5 - 4.5 bar
  • with regular maintenance the service life of approx 100 mil. cycles = 100 000km
  • max permeability: 50ccm
  • resistance: 1.6Ω


Technical parameters:

  • Dimension: 50mm
  • Weight: 66g
  • Outlets: for hose 6mm
  • Homologation:      E20 67R-01 0738